Experiments and new initiatives

Future themes for the benefit of the region’s economic life

Various experiments and new initiatives are part of the development activities at Digipolis. The role of the development company is to create new ideas, operating models, funding and networks for the benefit of the economic life in its operating area, as well as its extensive network of stakeholders. As a result, we are involved in various innovative development projects.

INNOSUP programme funding supports SMEs’ innovations

Currently, experiments and new initiatives focus on distributing the INNOSUP funding, meant for companies in the EU, to Finnish SMEs. In INNOSUP-funded projects, funding is allocated directly to supporting companies’ innovations. At the same time, the EU’s purpose with this programme is to develop new, multisectoral and cross-border industrial value chains that enable SMEs to connect to European networks. INNOSUP funding covers projects focusing on, for example, the development and utilisation of new or cross-sectoral technologies, ICT, eco-innovative and resource-efficient solutions as well as service innovations.

In addition, Digipolis is part of a European developer network in order to find solutions for smart logistics. The industry that processes natural resources in northern Finland is growing rapidly, which means that we will need sustainable, lower-carbon logistics in the future.



DigiCirc European cluster-led accelerator for digitisation of the circular economy across key emerging sectors

The EU’s transition towards a circular and climate-neutral economy represents an economic and social necessity and an opportunity for businesses and citizens. The role of SMEs in this environment will be crucial. The EU-funded DigiCirc project will permit SMEs to leverage digital technology as a key enabler for innovative circular products, services and business models to meet the goals that EU circular economy policies set. The project will establish and coordinate the DigiCirc innovation network, bringing together a wide range of stakeholders. 

MINE.THE.GAP - The mining sector needs sustainable solutions

Raw materials are the basis of most industrial value chains. This is especially true for the industrial and metallic mining, construction, and related sectors. These industries are very important for our industrial, social, and technological progress in the European Union. A viable and responsible minerals and metals mining provides essential assets to our society’s sustainable development, and help us to promote innovation, growth, and a low-carbon, more circular economy. MINE.THE.GAP brings together SMEs from the raw materials and mining sector with companies that have solutions for a more digital, greener, and circular mining value chain. 

AURORAL - Architecture for Unified Regional and Open digital ecosystems for Smart Communities and wider Rural Areas Large scale application

AURORAL focuses on increasing connectivity and delivering a digital environment of smart objects interoperable services platforms able to trigger dynamic rural ecosystems of innovation chains, applications and services. Thus, AURORAL contributes to increase economic growth and create jobs in rural areas and to tackle significant societal challenges, contributes to overcoming digital divide between rural and urban areas and to develop the potential offered by increased connectivity and digitisation of rural areas.


Seppo Ahola

Project Manager

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Seppo Ahola


Hanna Vallo

Project Specialist, Circular Economy

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Hanna Vallo