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May Newsletter

On May 14th at Point, there will be a discussion about business valuation. The ACEF2024 forum features an interesting program inviting entrepreneurs to join.

For Investors

Kemi's strong role in industrial activity offers extensive business opportunities for various enterprises. Invest in Kemi welcomes new businesses and entrepreneurs to join the region's innovative and vibrant industrial hub.

Services for New Entrepreneurs

Starting a new business, especially your first one, raises many questions and considerations. Early on, you can schedule an appointment with a business developer who will help you get started and think through solutions that fit your situation..

For Developing Businesses

There are various services and financing solutions available for business growth and development. We are part of networks that provide these solutions to companies. If you're unsure who to talk to about development services or their financing, you can turn to Business Kemi. Our experts will guide you to the right services.

Plots and Space Solutions

When your business has outgrown its current premises or is relocating to Kemi, we help you find suitable plots and facilities. The tips and links below will get you started, and we also provide personalized assistance to find solutions. We arrange visits to inspect the spaces before making a final decision.

Ownership Changes

There's no need to reinvent the wheel... When you're thinking about retiring or taking over the family business, turn to us early. Through Business Kemi, you'll get the most important tips to start the sales process.

Business Kemi for Entrepreneurs

We assist Kemi-based businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in building their success stories. We also support businesses looking to establish themselves in Lapland's logistical hub.

Our comprehensive services and extensive expert network are available to help with both small and large business development issues. If we don't have the expertise you need, we will guide you to the right specialist services. We actively participate in regional, national, and international networks to provide your business with the latest and best information.

Our services are primarily free and intended for businesses in Kemi or those planning to move to Kemi.

Business Kemin palvelut yrittäjille - ideoidaan yhdessä!
"Entrepreneur - when you're unsure who to turn to, we can help, whether your question is big or small."

The Business and Service Directory of the Sea Lapland Region

The business and service directory contains information about companies operating in the Meri-Lapland region categorized by industry. The directory aims to enhance the discovery of local businesses and services. You can search for a company by its name or by keywords related to its industry or offered services. Companies can also be listed by municipalities. Graphical data in the directory is visible only for the entire region. The service is free of charge, and you have the opportunity to update your company's information within the service.


Katso kaikki tapahtumat

Guidance for starting entrepreneurs

In the early stages of starting a new business, especially your first one, many questions arise, and numerous considerations need to be taken into account in the founding process. You can already book a meeting with a business developer, who will help you get started and discuss suitable solutions for your situation.

For developing businesses

When your company is taking the next step in development, make use of our confidential and free expert services. Companies located in Kemi can also benefit from our regional expertise and network to find the best location.

Kasvun rahoittaminen Yrittäjän verkostot Työnantajapalvelut Investoreille
kehittyvänyrityksen neuvonta

Space and
land solutions

When your company has outgrown its current premises or you are considering relocating to Kemi, we help you find suitable land and facilities for your business. The tips and links below will get you started, but if needed, you can receive personalized assistance through our services in finding solutions. We also offer the opportunity to explore the premises more thoroughly before making a final decision.

Ownership and generational transitions

"Don't reinvent the wheel... When considering retirement or taking over the family business, turn to us in good time. Even those starting a new business should consider if there's already an established company in the area whose reins they could take over."

Get in touch

Did you not find the answer to your question or are you unsure whom to turn to? If you are a business owner in Kemi or planning to expand your business to Kemi, we are here to assist you. In addition to providing answers, we can also help you find the right questions if needed. So, feel free to contact us – no matter how big or small your inquiry may be.

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