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One of Digipolis’s most important tasks is to enable a dynamic and competitive operating environment for the region’s companies as well as to promote the attractiveness of the area. This goal is implemented through the operations of Business Kemi (business counselling), Invest in Kemi (relocation services), and the national Circular Economy Centre. Various development projects support the work of these parties.

Digipolis is a flexible, reactive and modern development environment for developing companies. The needs of the region’s companies define our operations and development activities. In our development operations, we utilise the strong expertise of other operators in the region as well as the networks we have created over the years. The entire range of services has been created and continues to be shaped by listening to the needs of companies and the region.


Our team helps you develop

Digipolis’s corporate developer team will help you find solutions for the development needs of your business and the intricate development issues of our entire region. We specialise in areas such as the circular economy, wood products, bioeconomy, and industry. Contact us and let us know how we can help!

Our mission is to create a competitive operating environment for business operations and to develop cooperation networks at the regional, national and international levels. The underlying purpose is to ensure companies have the possibility to succeed.


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