Made in Kemi

Aug 29, 2016 12:00:00 AM


”Made in Kemi” investigation will investigate the possibilities of development and cooperation of individual artisans and art and crafts industry in The Sea-Lapland area to innovate new products and services for the tourism business, which has grown especially in Kemi. The project supports the development strategy of tourism in Kemi.

The core of the project is a communal business model for developing the business and competiveness of the artisans in response to the challenges of developing new innovations and growth for the needs of tourism and for improving employment and vitality in the area.

Contact Information:
Senior Business Advisor Timo Haikola
Tietokatu 6, 94600 Kemi
Tel. +358 40 353 9388

Topics: Digipolis uutiset eng

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