Digipolis - Kemi Technology Park


As the largest technology centre in the Province of Lapland, Digipolis - Kemi Technology Park has been in operation since 1993. Digipolis houses altogether 54 companies and organisations, employing a total of 450 people. Digipolis is also an educational hotseat, serving 1,500 students at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Lappia Vocational College.

Digipolis focuses on the development challenges of its companies, particularly at the interfaces between the ICT industry and the process industry, or industries involoving low temperature and extreme conditions. Throughout its years of operation, Digipolis has developed its key areas of expertise to specifically serve local and regional companies. The entire Digipolis team is driven by the desire to respond to actual company needs.

Multifaceted and profound co-operation, both on the national and international level, has played a key role in the growth and development of Digipolis. Cross-border co-operation with Northern Sweden has proven to be particularly fruitful. The needs of companies guide the activities of Digipolis and these needs are met by an extensive network of partners. Success stories are made to be shared.