Regional enterprise services

Kemi-Tornio Alueyrityspalvelut provides regional enterprise services aimed at helping companies to grow and develop their business. Working in close cooperation with the region’s municipalities and other development companies, Digipolis is in charge of the services. The core of our activities consists of business start-up, incubator and growth services.

The establishment and development of an enterprise is a demanding process that requires diverse knowledge and skills. Business start-up services may include financing and support application counselling, guidance or the implementation of enterprise establishment activities, initial business analysis and further counselling, guidance in the use of expert services, educational guidance for entrepreneurs and development discussions with entrepreneurs.

Ranging from the assessment of business ideas and assistance in the preparation of a business plan to the creation of customer and cooperation networks, productisation and commercialisation, business incubator and growth services cover the various building phases of a company. The business incubator provides new entrepreneurs with an uncomplicated and business-orientated environment and gives them an opportunity to learn, to share experiences and to network with other companies.

One of the purposes of the regional enterprise services is to help companies in the initial phase of development projects. At this stage, activities such as networking hold particular importance. Growth-orientated companies based on innovative business ideas have been in the forefront of utilising regional enterprise services.

Kemi-Tornion Alueyrityspalvelut provides companies with guidance for carrying out development activities in the form of projects, as well as counselling concerning available financing opportunities and the associated application processes. We also carry out initial surveys and find the right experts for you.

Contact information:

Ella Saarenpää, Business Developer
Tietokatu 6, FI-94600 Kemi, Finland
tel. +358 40 761 2174

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WelCome service

The WelCome service provides customers with a development resource for the development of an innovative business idea and when starting up a business.

The following list includes examples of activities that the development resource can be utilised for:

  • Assessment of business idea and preparation of development plan
  • Evaluation of entrepreneurial qualities and preparation of entrepreneurial readiness development plan
  • Guided preparation of business plan
  • Guided preparation of sales, result and financial forecasts
  • Guided preparation of marketing plan
  • Technology-related initial surveys
  • Market and competitive situation-related initial surveys
  • Preparation of financing applications and participation on financing negotiations
  • Assisted building of partner and expert networks
  • Assisted creation of first business and customer relationships

Also included in the WelCome service is a furnished 18m² office room located in the Kemi Technology Park. The service is free of charge for our customers, and its maximum duration is four months.

Contact information:

Ella Saarenpää, Business Developer
Tietokatu 6, FI-94600 Kemi, Finland
tel. +358 40 761 2174

ELY Centre business development services

The ELY Centres introduce a new package of business development services for small and medium-sized enterprises. They provide both enterprises with development needs and enterprises undergoing changes with help from Finland’s leading experts, and access to tailored services for the development of various business sub-areas.

The services are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises with the potential to grow and to develop their business. The business development services enable the successful long-term development of an enterprise in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, the Digipolis Business Developers are certified producers of such development services.

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