Safe and Smart Transportation Koulukyyti App - Now for Parents, Operators and Municipalities


The Koulukyyti app, developed by Kemin Digipolis Oy, is making its debut during the European Week of Regions and Cities. This new application offers an intelligent and secure solution for school transportation, tailored specifically for parents, operators, and municipalities.

At the European Week of Regions and Cities event, a new innovative School Transport application is being introduced, which was first implemented in Finland at the beginning of the year. The developers of the application, representatives of Kemi Digipolis, are in Brussels to present a solution that improves school transportation for sparsely populated areas.

The event also features the premiere of an English-language video about the application, incorporating artificial intelligence. The School Transport application has been developed as part of the EU's Auroral project, which seeks solutions for sparsely populated areas. The application was first introduced in Kemi in the spring semester of 2023, and the experiences with its usage have been positive. The idea for developing the application came from a local transport operator.

"The application has also sparked a lot of interest in other northern Finnish municipalities," says project expert Jani Mäläskä from Kemi Digipolis Ltd.

"We are eagerly awaiting feedback from Europeans on the application. What would prevent the application from being used in other countries? That's the whole idea of the Auroral project," Mäläskä explains.

According to Mäläskä, the video has also received a good reception. "We've been running the video at the booth all the time, and it brings the application closer to people's everyday lives," Mäläskä points out.

The School Transport application is a novel mobile application that enhances the school transportation experience for students, parents, operators, educational institutions, and application subscribers such as municipalities. The School Transport application enhances the safety of school trips, reduces unnecessary travel, and streamlines school transportation.

Benefits: Parents of school children

The application enhances safety because parents can track their children's journeys in real-time, providing peace of mind. The application offers parents notifications that keep them informed about the progress of their child's school journey. School Transport promotes more environmentally friendly transportation, an important value for both parents and children.

Benefits: Operators

School Transport helps operators optimize their routes, providing economic efficiency from both a work and transportation perspective. The application offers new collaboration opportunities, as it enables operators to offer better transportation services. Traffic emissions can be reduced as unnecessary journeys decrease.

Benefits: Application Subscribers (Municipalities)

The application provides municipal decision-makers with effective tools for monitoring and ensuring the safety of school transportation, promoting sustainable development and environmental friendliness in school transportation. School Transport increases the satisfaction of municipal residents by providing safety and efficiency in school transportation services.

Information about the European Week of Regions and Cities

event The European Week of Regions and Cities event brings together decision-makers, experts, and stakeholders to discuss key issues in European cities and regions. It offers an opportunity to present innovative projects like the School Transport application. More information about the event is available on the EU's Regions and Cities Week website.