Material market

Materials Market is intended for the commercial and professional exchange of wastes and by-products of companies and organisations. You can also look for and offer related services, such as waste management and expert services. Using Materials Market is free of charge.

The main goals of Materials Market is to promote the utilisation of wastes, by-products and the circular economy by offering a meeting point for those supplying and those needed recycled materials. The objective of Materials Market is to collect all material flows in Finland in a single, visible place in order to promote innovative ways to utilise them and to increase the reuse of materials in general.

Note! The new Waste Act, which will enter into force on 1 January 2020, sets an obligation for those waste holders who use the secondary municipal waste management service to the tune of more than €2,000 per year to use Materials Market. The obligation also applies to public waste holders, that is, procurement units, as of 1 January 2021.

The Circular Economy Centre gives advice regarding the use of Materials Market.

Material market

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