Julkaistu: 16.06.2017

ICTB 2017- Kansainvälinen Puusiltakonferenssi Skellefteåssa Ruotsissa 26.-29.6.


The successful conferences ICTB 2010 in Lillehammer, Norway, and ICTB2013 in Las Vegas, USA, is now being followed up by a third conference in Skellefteå, Sweden. The conference will be a unique opportunity to network with an international community of experts on timber bridges, including highway, railway and pedestrian structures.

Conference Topics

By participating at ICTB 2017, you will be helping to achieve the conference's primary goal of fostering new international collaborations. Share your unique perspective on timber bridges with an international community of practitioners, researchers, government agencies, and bridge owners focused on timber bridges including highway, railroad, and pedestrian structures. The main objectives of the conference are to discuss and present the state of the art in timber bridge technologies, durability, maintenance, structural systems and detailing and recent construction projects. Academics, researchers and professionals interested in the field of timber engineering and design are invited to attend the conference to learn about innovative solutions and the application of new methods, theories and technologies in the areas of timber bridge planning and construction.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

New design concepts
Design aspects and requirements
Timber bridge architecture and aesthetics
Bridge case studies
Construction techniques
Components and detailing
CLT and glulam
Innovative materials
Wood composites
Wood/concrete bridges
Bridge decks
Road surfaces
Pedestrian bridges
Long span bridges
Mechanical properties
Load testing
Environmental aspects
Assessment methods
Inspection, evaluation and analysis
Structural health monitoring
Bridge maintenance and rehabilitation
Damage cases, experiences of past failures
Repair, reinforcement, service life extension

Contact information

Anders Gustafsson
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Mail: Anders.Gustafsson@sp.se

Anna Pousette
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Mail: Anna.Pousette@sp.se

Olle Hagman
Luleå University of Technology
Mail: Olle.Hagman@ltu.se

Mats Ekevad
Luleå University of Technology
Mail: Mats.Ekevad@ltu.se

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