Finland’s largest consumer of energy wood – 2,8 million cubic meters per year. The plant will produce 225,000 metric tons of biofuel per year, of which 75% will be renewable diesel and 25% renewable gasoline. The total investment is around EUR 900 million.


Basic project information

The goal of the project is to conduct a feasibility study to determine the possibilities of forming a regional ecosystem together with the planned biorefinery investment in Ajos, Kemi. The feasibility study is comprised of analyzing and mapping various relevant factors, such as infrastructure, logistics, raw material terminals, the need for employee training and securing partnerships with industry service companies. Based on the analysis, the undertaking will result in a comprehensive view of the requirements of a regional ecosystem, as well as the new possibilities presented by it to the local entrepreneurial environment.

a. Digipolis

The head administrator of the project is Kemin Digipolis Oy, a development and innovation company founded in 1993. Its main field of business consists of comprehensive development of companies’ operational environments. Diverse and profound co-operation on both national and international levels has been a key element in the growth and development of Digipolis. The needs of companies guide the direction of Digipolis, and those needs are met with an extensive network of partners and associates.

b. Kaidi

Kaidi Finland was established in 2016 in order to manage and construct a globally unique second generation biofuel refinery in Kemi, Finland. Kaidi Finland would be in charge of all the operational work and process optimization throughout the project. In addition, it would manage all the co-operation with different stakeholders such as securing technology and innovation partnerships.

Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, one of China’s largest biorefining actors and the owner of Kaidi Finland, began the preparation and planning process of the Kemi biorefinery project in 2014. Kaidi Finland’s CEO is Carl Haglund.
Kaidi’s goal is to enable world-class bioenergy production in Finland. The company plans to build a biorefinery in Kemi that will produce 225,000 metric tons of biofuel per year, of which 75% will be renewable diesel and 25% renewable gasoline. (

EUR 900 million investment in the biorefinery
Construction time of about two years / 4 000 man-years
50% Domestic content, which means EUR 450 million will remain in Finland

c. Ecosystem description – from forests to biofuel production 


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